Understanding Your Options

You should also realize that completing the steps required to visit, work or study in, or immigrate to, the U.S. may be a very long process.  Your steps could include:  waiting for your U.S. family member or employer to complete the visa petition; waiting for U.S. authorities to approve the petition; waiting for the people in line ahead of you get their visas if there is a limited number of visas or green cards allowed in your category; collecting the documents you need and submitting them; making sure your paperwork does not get lost in the system; attending an interview either at a consulate outside of the U.S. or in a U.S. immigration office; receiving a visa or a green card to enter the U.S. or being denied and then wishing to reapply; and working to protect your status while waiting for the "next step" in your case such as citizenship.

Because your immigration journey may take a very long time, it is important to have guidance from an attorney that you trust will be there for you during each step of the way.  You should decide at the beginning of the immigration process whether or not you need a lawyer; if you go to a lawyer after complications have already come up in your case, you will be at a disadvantage because now you will need to address the negative issues which have arisen.  Also, the process will become even slower and probably more costly for you in both time and money.  Therefore, even if you do not use an attorney to file or prepare your application or petition, it is worth it for you to attend a consultation with an experienced attorney.  Finally, make sure the lawyer you choose to consult with is really a lawyer!  You should ask to see your attorney's identification ("bar card") or call your state bar association for confirmation, as a "notario" lacks the legal training necessary to advise you.

Sondra Miller-Wein, Esq., will personally counsel you during the course of your immigration case.  You will receive her individual guidance throughout your entire case, and you will make informed legal decisions based upon fully-disclosed options and scenarios depending upon its unique facts.  You will receive a reasonable appraisal with a true assessment of the chances of success in your case, because you deserve to know the truth about your immigration matter and the actual likelihood that you will be able to achieve your goals.